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Vice President Selina Meyers (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) waits on hold for the President to take her call. Photo by Lacey Terrell (HBO).


Season 2 is available on demand until the end of September, 2013, at HBO Canada On Demand and online at

Best Actress Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back for an extended second season (10 episodes) as the desperately power-hungry and narcissistic vice-president Selina Meyers, whose job of playing second banana to the U.S. President is a humiliating lesson in frustration and disappointment.

But things start to look up – ever so slightly – for the gaffe-prone VP, who is still angling to “get closer” and ingratiate herself with the President. For the first time ever, the elusive prez actually returns one of Selena’s phone calls!

The difference between Season 1 and Season 2 is that Selena is finally given a taste of real power with a more high-profile role in U.S. foreign policy – god forbid – and even gets to take her bumbling right-hand man (Tony Hale) and her incompetent entourage on a PR mission to Helsinki for an important meeting with the Finnish Prime Minister. Best of all, they get to fly around the world onboard Air Force 2.

The easily flustered Selena also gets herself a gun, apparently, and finds herself with a hostage crisis to negotiate. Louis-Dreyfus let leak that the season finale would involve “a massive stunt” – but that’s all she’d say.

New to the cast are Gary Cole (Entourage) as the emotionless Chief Strategist who lacks ‘people skills’ and clashes constantly with Selena, and Kevin Dunn (Luck), as the unhinged Chief of Staff whose main job, it seems, is to liaise between Selena and the prez. The Season 2 guest stars include Allison Janney and Dave Foley.

If you missed Season 1, relax – it will remain on demand (in its entirety) until the end of June.

• Broadcaster: HBO Canada

• Episodes in Season Two: 10

• Season Two premiere: April 14, 2013

• On demand until: September 30, 2013

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