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The Killing, Rogers Anyplace TV

The Killing - Available on Rogers On Demand Online

Not since Twin Peaks have viewers been as intrigued and frustrated by an onscreen murder. The Killing spent its entire first season following a single police investigation, but when the finale failed to deliver on the promise of its promotional tagline – “Who killed Rosie Lauren?” – it left more than a few fans a little upset. Rest assured, Season 2 will provide the answer, as well as introduce a second rain- soaked Seattle mystery to keep us glued to the tube.

Crimson Petal and The White, HBO Canda, Rogers On DemandCrimson Petal And the White – Available on HBO Canada On Demand

Based on the Michel Faber novel, this stylish period drama about a prostitute in Victorian London is not quite the bodice-ripper you might expect from such saucy subject matter. There’s more talk than titillation and some fine performances from Gillian Anderson (as a brothel madame), Richard E. Grant (as a sinister doctor who pokes around under ladies’ petticoats) and Chris O’Dowd (as a would-be writer with a bonkers wife and a passing interest in brothels).

The Wire, Rogers On Demand, HBO CanadaThe Wire- Available on HBO Canada On Demand

The Wire remains one of the most ambitious TV series ever produced in the U.S. – frustratingly complex, universally praised, under-subscribed during its original run and yet as beloved as The Sopranos. Over the course of its five seasons (2002-08), the Balti- more series took its sweet time to peel back its multiple layers of interconnection between urban inequality, crime, the education system, poverty, political failure, race, class, the so-called war on drugs and decaying American civilization. Its return to HBO Canada is indeed an event.

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