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Courtesy of Showtime by James Porto

Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States

The entire series is available until April 30, 2013 on The Movie Network On Demand & online at

Oliver Stone’s four-years-in-the-making version of 20th century American history is being billed as “a classified America we were never meant to see.”

The series focuses on lesser known events that do not form part of mainstream history lessons – events that were “under-reported,” according to Stone, yet crucially shaped America’s place in the world. Stone explains why conventional telling of American history sweeps so many facts under the carpet.

In search of rarely seen and never-publicized photographs and footage of major 20th century events, Stone and his team of researchers sifted through American national archives and those of England, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union.

The Oscar winning writer/director (and decorated Vietnam vet) directs and narrates all 10 episodes of the series, which he co-wrote with Peter Kuznick, a Professor of History and director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University.

Critics who’ve had the chance to preview some early episodes of the series have called it “compelling” and “daring” television.

This so-called “alternative” and “unconventional” re-telling of events, using newly uncovered material and recent scholarship, intends to shed some light on some of the darker aspects of the mid-to-late 20th century.

Highlights include:
• President Truman’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan.
• Why it wasn’t necessary to drop those bombs.
• Why it was really the USSR, not the US, that defeated Germany.
• The reasons for the Cold War with the Soviet Union.
• Why the Cold War could have been avoided.
• America’s role in the world since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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