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Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. Photo by Frank Ockenfels for AMC.

The Walking Dead

Season 3 returns after a two-month hiatus on Sunday February 10 on AMC and

Andrew Lincoln, the very English actor who does a drop dead impression of a Georgia sheriff, Rick Grimes, heroically leading his group through a zombie apocalypse, says that the “war is on” for the second half of season 3 of The Walking Dead.

The first half of the season of this global ratings success was “very bloodthirsty,” as Lincoln describes it, as Grimes’s band breaks into a zombie-surrounded prison, and all hell breaks loose as the body count soars. Then they encounter Grimes’s über-nemesis, The Governor, one of the great villains in comic book history. And you can bet the glorious splatter will continue!

Lincoln talks about the final eight episodes of Season 3:

Rick’s group, including his warrior son, has ramped up the bloodletting…

“They wanted to show how proficient and brutal they were, how almost telepathic they were as a unit, because they had to be, now taking on both zombies and fearsome human adversaries.”

So Rick and The Governor are like two warriors in the Cage?

“As soon as Rick shoots up Woodbury, he knows he’s lit the fire. This back eight is very much about a man trying to hold onto his sanity as he meets his most dangerous foe. It’s a clash of ideologies, of two worlds.”

What’s now coming?

“The zombies aren’t the main threat, it’s more about the human threat, and how much more terrifying that is now for these people who’ve been able to navigate this world so far.”

The Governor keeps heads in fish tanks…

“Everybody’s been damaged irrevocably by what’s happened, so it’s about people trying to hold onto their humanity. The Governor may be holding up a mirror to Rick. Possibly, under different circumstances, this could be Rick a few months down the line.”

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Jerry, on said:

Why is episode 14 Talking Dead available while the actual show Walking Dead 14 th episode not available. Come on guys. Many errors and delays….


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