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Henry, Chloe and Jimmy take sibling rivalry to a new high.

The Goodwin Games

The Season 1 finale is available on demand from July 2 until July 15, 2013, at Rogers On Demand and online at

There’s no such thing as keeping a secret in a small town, but Chloe and Jimmy (Becki Newton and TJ Miller) are determined to keep their new romances hidden from their judgmental older brother. Henry (Scott Foley), meanwhile, has a few relationship problems of his own – namely an invisible fiancée and a gorgeous ex-girlfriend he’s clearly still in love with.

But the biggest secret of The Goodwin Games – which of the three siblings will take home the $23 million inheritance? – might just be revealed in the season finale. After solving a series of puzzles set up by their late father (Beau Bridges), the Goodwin kids are about to figure out the answer to their final clue. Will it leave one of them a millionaire?

The finale, directed by Neil Patrick Harris, may or may not reveal a sole winner but, at this point, it hardly matters. The bizarre array of riddles and competitions has already succeeded in taking this family from dysfunctional to, well, less dysfunctional. And, let’s face it, that was dear old dad’s plan all along.

• Broadcaster: City

• Number of Season 1 episodes: 7

• Season 1 finale airdate: July 1, 2013

• On demand until: July 15, 2013

• On demand at: Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and online at

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