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The Big C

Season: 4
Premieres: April 29
Where: Super Channel and Super Channel On Demand

In addition to the incandescent performance of Laura Linney as a woman battling terminal cancer, one of the best things about The Big C is its ability to convey moments of pure joy while brilliantly mining the absurdities that can be found in every tragic situation. The season features guest stars Brian Dennehy and Kathy Najimy as our heroine’s father and therapist, respectively, and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi as the mentor of her young charge (fiercely played by Precious star Gabourey Sidibe).

What the Future Holds

This season will focus less on the comedy and more on the serious realities of the subjectmatter. The first episode will explain last year’s cliffhanger, which left us wondering if Linney’s character would ever return to her family, after sailing off with a stranger into an ocean sunset.

The big question, of course, is whether Linney’s character lives or dies. Since the first three seasons each addressed the denial, anger and bargaining stages of grief, should we expect depression and acceptance in Season 4?

As Linney puts it, “It will hit you one of two ways: it will be helpful or it will just be too painful.” The final scene, we’re told, will be nostalgic, visually stunning and very happy.

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