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Exclusive content, sports, hot shows and movies galore – when it comes to watching digital TV online, it doesn’t get any better than  And now that Rogers has teamed up with Microsoft, allowing you to view programming through your Xbox 360 gaming console, things just got even hotter.

Available now through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the Rogers Anyplace TV app on Xbox 360 features this season’s popular TV shows like Parks and Recreation and The Biggest Loser, plus kids’ favourites like Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants, free movies and more, with new content being added every day.

It’s convenient to use; subscribers use the same login for the Xbox LIVE app as they would for their account. Even if you’re new to, simply register at on a PC or laptop computer. The app is free to download to your Xbox 360 for all Rogers customers with an Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

Once registered, you can enjoy auto sign-in, all of the easy browse and search features that make so popular, as well as the handy stop, pause, rewind and fast-forward viewing controls.  You can even browse through the app with voice or gesture controls!

In terms of must-see content, Rogers Anyplace TV has everything you want, with more being added all the time. Now, with the Rogers Anyplace TV app on Xbox 360, keeping up with your favourite shows – not to mention discovering great new ones – has never been easier.
Together, they prove that the Xbox 360 is far more than just a video game console, and Rogers Anyplace TV is with you wherever you want it to be.

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