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Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) has been given an exciting facelift! Aside from being able to catch up on recent episodes of network shows you’ve missed, you can now go back and order entire seasons of premium cable series such as Brotherhood, Californication and Dexter.

While The Movie Network (TMN) On Demand does currently offer the most recent season of Californication and Dexter, Rogers On Demand fills in the gap by giving you the opportunity to relive previous seasons starting from day one.

You can also go back and revisit shows that are no longer in production and not readily available anymore. Arrested Development and Twins Peaks are two examples of hard-to-find modern-day classics that are now just a click away at Rogers On Demand.

Unlike online streaming services, Rogers On Demand does not use up your bandwidth or eat away at your data allowance.

Popular network shows already on the roster include Kiefer Sutherland’s cult hit 24, Modern Family, American Dad, Family Guy, Glee and Bones.

To access the full library of titles, go to Channel 100 and select the “Past Full Season TV” folder. Episodes can be ordered in blocks of three for between $3.99 and $4.99.

As a special treat, seasons one and two of the long-running and wonderfully addictive hit UK series Shameless are currently being offered free of charge!

And the best is yet to come. Rogers On Demand will soon be adding full seasons of cable faves Mad Men, Sex and the City, Episodes and Weeds.

In the meantime, you can also check out some of the lesser-known shows that have so far received little exposure in Canada – such as the USA Network’s People’s Choice Awards winner White Collar, now renewed for a fifth season.

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3 thoughts on “On Demand: Past Seasons of Hit Shows

Eugere Cormier, on said:

I was wondering why I don’t receive your Rogers Connected magazine by mail anymore. I really miss it. Thank you


Colette Malo, on said:

Shameless is NOT available. When I go to On Demand, I get a message that says "no titles are currently available."


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