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Edie Falco as the sober Nurse Jackie. Photo by Ken Regan (Showtime).

Nurse Jackie

Season 5 is available on demand until the end of September, 2013, at The Movie Network On Demand and online at

Flawless performances, sharp wit and that characteristic rapid-fire banter have managed to smooth over the occasional pothole without barely a hiccup over the past four seasons. And so Nurse Jackie returns for a well-earned fifth season.

Season 4 achieved the unlikely feat of setting aside its central storyline – thus moving the series into fresh territory – without skipping a beat or displacing our attention. It was a brave move indeed to strip the pill-popping Jackie of her pills. How could a TV drama about a drug-addicted nurse let its central character survive rehab so early in the season and then remain clean without relapse?

Yes, we were shocked that Jackie pulled off sobriety for more than five minutes, but doubly shocked that the series pulled off such a sea change. And we barely even noticed.

So, where to from here? Re-opening the pill closet is always an option, but Nurse Jackie is too smart for that. Nor do we think it’s time to patch up Jackie’s nearly-at-an-end marriage; Nurse Jackie is too smart for that.

What we do know is that Jackie faces her 12-month sobriety anniversary and ends up being admitted to her own ER ward as a patient. Moving into uncharted territory, Jackie finds herself legally single, emotionally available and weak in the presence of a flirtatious and handsome New York City policeman. And we haven’t, incidentally, seen the last of the dashing Dr. Cruz (Bobby Cannavale). Who knows where we’re heading now?

• Broadcaster: The Movie Network

• Episodes in Season Two: 10

• Season Two premiere: April 15, 2013

• On demand until: September 30, 2013

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