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Mr and Mrs Don Draper (Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare). Photo by Frank Ockenfels (AMC).

Mad Men

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It’s 1967 and everything seems to be changing in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce – the ties are a little wider, the hair moppier and the sideburns longer – everything, that is, except for Don Draper himself.

Season 5 offered a respite from the chaos that lies within Draper; domesticity and his marriage to struggling actress Megan (Jessica Pare) quelled his restlessness.

But here, months before the assassination of Martin Luther King, the oft-examined possibilities of escapism and re-invention have run their course for the former Dick Whitman; Don is now obsessed with death.

The season opens with the perennial ad man reading Dante’s Inferno on a Hawaiian beach; after his building doorman has a near-death experience, Draper presses him on whether or not he saw the light; at Roger Sterling’s mother’s funeral, Draper throws up.

Draper once defined the era in which he lives, but here he wallows, never cracking a smile, looking utterly miserable in Hawaiian Kodachrome, just as Megan’s star is rising. And he’s back to his old philandering ways. Best make those martinis extra dry because we’re in for a hell of a season.

• Broadcaster: AMC

• Episodes in Season Two: 13

• Season Two premiere: April 7, 2013

• Regular timeslot: Sundays at 10 p.m.

Please be advised that streaming video consumes larger amounts of data

Please be advised that streaming video consumes larger amounts of data

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