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Photo by Jessica Brooks (AMC)

Mad Men

The Season 6 finale is available on demand from June 27 until July 20, 2013, at Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and online until July 9 at

The penultimate episode of Mad Men’s sixth season saw “Dancing” Ken eating a blast of birdshot courtesy of the fine folks at Chevy, and Betty Draper sharing a cigarette with her daughter, Sally. It wasn’t a game-changer of an episode but the fuse has been lit on a finale that promises to shake things up for Don Draper and company more than any of the drug trips they’ve taken this season. Or not. The series is such an experiment in milking the slow burn that it’s impossible to predict where things will go next.

The internet is a’twitter with theories: Don’s soap-star wife, Megan, will be murdered because she wore a T-shirt once famously worn by Manson Family victim Sharon Tate; Pete, whose receding hairline is a thing of wonder, will come out of the closet, or maybe he’ll hook up with Joan instead; Peggy will shack up with Ted in her rat-infested apartment; Don will start wearing bell bottoms.

What’s a near certainty is that Nixon will be elected president and Don will continue to pickle himself. It’s no coincidence that his newest client is Sunkist – orange juice being better than prune juice for washing down his breakfast vodka. As Peggy pointed out in the episode’s final moment, he’s killed everything, and now he’s working on himself (figuratively if not literally).

• Broadcaster: AMC

• Number of Season 1 episodes: 13

• Season 6 finale airdate: June 23, 2013

• On demand until: July 20, 2013

• On demand at: Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and online at

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