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Season 5 premieres in November 12th at 10 PM on Super Channel & Super Channel On Demand

Imagine if The A-Team had been about a group of crack insurance investigators, thieves and con artists instead of paramilitary mercenaries. That’s the basis for Leverage, a light-hearted action drama that opts for using unorthodox and extra-legal methods (instead of machine guns and machismo) to right corporate injustice. It’s full of stings, scams and sex.

Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton stars as the Robin Hood-esque team leader Nate Ford, a former insurance investigator soured by the corporate world who recruits the kind of folk he used to put behind bars. And while they don’t drive a black and red van or build tanks out of scrap metal, they are all about standing up for the little guy and truly enjoying themselves when a plan comes together.

Season 5 promises just as many questions as it does answers. Their bridges burned in home base Boston, Nate and his crew relocate to Portland, where they’ll tackle everything from corrupt airline executives to cooking school smuggling rings. We can also expect the guys to sabotage a big-box megastore to save a small town and bring down a corrupt winery owner who’s also behind a dangerous toy that every kiddie craves.

Beneath all the underdog hijinks, the series will continue to explore the mystery behind Nate’s son’s death, as well as the long con that Nate has been masterminding since last season (complicated by various romantic entanglements) while somehow managing to stay one step ahead of Interpol.

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