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Season 4 Premieres on January 23rd on Super Channel & Super Channel On Demand

Watch Justified for long enough and you’ll find yourself speaking with a Kentucky twang. Although scary at first, the accent ends up becoming half the seduction. For most female viewers, it’s not the accent as much as the devilishly handsome Timothy Olyphant, dressed in uniform as federal lawman Raylan Givens. Oozing a swaggering confidence that defies gravity, Givens dishes out an unconventional justice while inwardly struggling to survive without exwife and soul mate Winona. The good news is that Natalie Zea will return as the steamy Winona for at least three episodes this season, putting to rest our fears she might’ve disappeared forever. Comedian Patton Oswalt joins the cast as Raylan’s high school buddy, and David Meunier is back as Johnny Crowder.

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