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Season 2 is available until July 12, 2013 at HBO Canada On Demand and online at

They may not be pushing quite as many boundaries as the oversized hype suggested, breaking taboos, revolutionizing the TV landscape or curing world hunger, but there’s still something quite addictive about these navel-gazing twentysomething Brooklyn girls who behave annoyingly at times like spoiled teenagers. Their following is a devoted crowd indeed. And the second season has so far delivered the goods.

Twenty-six-year-old creator, writer, executive producer and star Lena Dunham only set out to make a TV show that she personally would want to watch – much of it autobiographical, not surprisingly – that would depict more ‘realistic’ females than those commonly seen in television drama.

Ten points to Dunham for having the guts to bare those big thighs (on a regular basis, it must be said), to pee on a train station platform (as she does in episode 7) and to wander around New York City in ugly short-shorts that keep riding up her bottom (as she does in episode 5) without an ounce of self-consciousness on her character’s part.

Methinks the lady doth protest against the skinny-girl obsession a bit too thunderously, but that may be the point, and she is awfully cute. But hey: It’s Lena’s show and she’ll do as she darn well pleases. We wouldn’t be surprised if she really does follow through with her threat to “show my thighs every day till I die.”

The chorus of criticism that followed season one, declaring the series “too white,” was a tad over-stated perhaps, given that no TV series should be expected to be perfectly representational of the cultural and ethnic diversity of the city in which it happens to be set – surely? But, right on cue, season two hastily addressed this gripe by giving Hannah a non-white boyfriend. Well, for five minutes, anyway.

And so we moved on – to Hannah’s gay ex, Elijah, getting it on with Marnie; to Marnie snogging her ex, George, midway through an uncomfortable Pad Thai dinner party where George’s current girlfriend, Audrey, is in attendance; to Jessa’s whirlwind blissful marriage turning sour (quelle surprise); and to Hannah playing naked table tennis with guest-star Patrick Wilson. Go Hannah!

Just as relationships fractured in the first half of season two, so they symmetrically began patching themselves in the second half. By episode 8, it looks like Marnie is about to start angling for a reunion with ex George, who is apparently “living the dream” and has successfully “moved on,” while Adam is clearly waiting in the wings for another shot at Hannah’s thighs.

The season two finale premieres Sunday March 17. But in case you missed anything along the way, or haven’t even started yet, the entire season will remain on-demand until July. And a third season is on its way.

  • Channel: HBO Canada
  • Number of episodes in Season 2: 10
  • On demand until: July 12, 2013

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