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You’ve been hearing all the hype about the new season of Dexter about to begin. Problem is, the show’s in its seventh season, and you want to start from the beginning. Problem, what problem?

Rogers on Demand just got even better,you can now rent episodes of new and old TV shows, to enjoy immediately, on demand, whenever you want to watch.

It goes like this: find the show you want – and we’re talking the best, including Modern Family*, Californication, Dexter and much more – and then select which episodes you want. Pick from past episodes of currently running shows, or dig up some deep gems from long-gone TV series including Arrested Development*, 24* and Twin Peaks in the well-stocked library.

Shows are offered in bundles of three, which you get to keep for seven days and can watch, pause, rewind and so forth as many times as you wish during the seven-day rental period.

Then, once you’re ready for more, simply rent the next bundle. Rentals of current season episodes cost $4.99 per week for three episodes; older series, $3.99 per week for three episodes. To get started, simply tune into Rogers on Demand, Channel 100 and check out the list of programs available.

That’s it. Now you can finally get what your friends are going on and on about when they start waxing poetic about Dexter.

*Coming soon

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4 thoughts on “Rogers On Demand Just Got Even Better

Annette, on said:

Love having Rogers on Demand.


Hillary, on said:

Will we still be able to watch the free tv shows that we get now? Or will we have to pay for all of them?


Marie-Claude Joyal, on said:

Would love to have PBS on ROD, especially Masterpiece Theatre, Upstairs Downstairs and Antiques Road Show. I am often out when these shows air or they conflict with other stuff I want to see. It seems that all the good stuff airs at 9:00 p.m. especially on Sunday nights. It would be nice to space these out for a 7:00 o.m. or 8 p.m. viewing.


Donna Gillespie, on said:

Why dont you offer them for free? For example Dexter: I have watched every season from the onset. These seasons were/are offered when you subscribe to ROD…….so why would I pay for them now if I wanted to refresh my memory.


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