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Blue Jays baseball on Sportsnet One.

Available for free on Rogers Cable.

Not sure what you’re missing? Here’s your chance to test drive four different specialty channels for free: Sportsnet One, Fight Network, the rebranded One channel and the Hindi-language Zee TV Canada.

Broadcasting more than 800 hours of live sporting events every year, Sportsnet One delivers extensive coverage of Toronto Blue Jays baseball, NHL, NBA basketball, the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, ATP tennis, NCAA football, Indy Car Racing, cycling and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The Sportsnet One Free Preview is available until Tuesday April 30, 2013, on Channels 99, 394, 395 (HD) and 584 (HD).

Dedicated primarily to combat sports, Fight Network serves up live and taped broadcasts of mix martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, pro wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu and karate meets, along with fight-themed movies and documentaries, fight-lifestyle shows and fitness programming. The Fight Network Free Preview is available until Thursday May 30, 2013, on Channel 475 (HD).

At the other end of the sensibility spectrum, and infinitely less combative, is One, the rebranded “body, mind and spirit” channel, offering inspirational lifestyle programming on yoga, meditation, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, personal relationships, natural health and alternative medicine. The One Free Preview is available until Wednesday May 1, 2013, on Channel 265.

Designed for a Hindi-speaking female audience, Zee TV Canada broadcasts primetime TV serials, daytime soaps, sitcoms and Bollywood movies, plus music, fitness and religious themed programming from the very popular Zee TV cable/satellite channel in Mumbai. The Zee TV Canada free preview is available until Tuesday April 30, 2013, on Channel 697.

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