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The impossible love between Aurora and Alessandro in Le Tre Rose di Eva.

Mediaset Italia

Available on free preview on Rogers digital TV, Channel 784

Unspeakable sin, unrequited love, undisclosed secrets, unjust imprisonment, unending family feuds, an unsolved murder mystery and partially undressed hotties – under the Tuscan sun and in some unbelievably gorgeous wine country near Umbria. What more could you ask for in a primetime soap?

How will Alessandro cope with the fact that his beloved Aurora supposedly murdered his father? And how will Aurora ever prove her innocence to Alessandro? (And who do you believe?)

And, yes, they still make wine by pouncing up and down bare-footed in a barrel of freshly picked red grapes. So pour yourself a glass of Sangiovese and soak up the scenery.

The popular drama series Le Tre Rose di Eva (The Three Roses of Eve) is one of the biggest reasons to check out the Italian Canadian TV channel Mediaset Italia.

Drawing most of its programming from Italy’s Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4, Mediaset Italia serves the 60 million Italians living outside of Italy and anyone with an interest in Italian culture or the beautiful Italian language itself.

Programming highlights include the wildly popular telenovela Tempesta D’Amore (Storm of Love), the long-running daytime soaps Centrovetrine (Hundred Shop Windows) and Vivere (Living), the very successful reality/talk show C’e Posta per Te (You’ve Got Mail), the talent show Amici, and news/talk shows Mattino Cinque and Pomeriggio Cinque plus, of course, Italian Cup Soccer.

Fifteen percent of the programming is local, designed specifically for the 1.5 million Canadians of Italian origin. Mediaset Italia is currently being offered by Rogers on free preview (until further notice).

Oh, and Le Tre Rose di Eva is shooting a second season this spring – for broadcast in the fall.

Please be advised that streaming video consumes larger amounts of data

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