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Tom Bennett helps Chris O’Dowd retrace his wacky lineage. (Photo courtesy of HBO.)

Family Tree

Season 1 is available on demand until October 31, 2013, at HBO Canada On Demand and online at has got nothing on Tom Chadwick (Girls Chris O’Dowd). When last we left the loveable but down-on-his-luck Brit, he was in the Mojave Desert, excitedly exploring his Native American roots – or so he thought. Turns out that his great-great-grandfather’s “sweet Mojave love” (Tom’s great-great-grandmother Rebecca) was actually Jewish. But no matter.

In Tom’s journey to unearth his family history, one discovery always leads to another more eccentric character. Last week’s revelation was that Rebecca’s brother was a silent-film star. (And you thought that great-grandpa Harry, famous for playing the backend of a pantomime horse, would be the only celebrity in the family?)

No doubt the season finale will uncover more about great-great-uncle Ezra’s days in Hollywood – but where that will lead is anybody’s guess. After all, nothing is ever predictable in the ludicrous world of a Christopher Guest mockumentary, where every character is completely ordinary yet utterly absurd.

Tom may have faced a few disappointments in his search, but there’s no telling what wonderfully oddball character will be found on the next branch of his unpredictable family tree. Stay tuned.

• Broadcaster: HBO Canada

• Number of Season 1 episodes: 8

• Original airdate of the Season 1 finale: July 7, 2013

• On demand until: October 31, 2013

• On demand at: Rogers On HBO Canada On Demand and online at

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