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Don’t miss a second of Canada’s Got Talent on CityTV Sunday at 8pm and Monday at 7pm!

Like all the best things these days, entertainment is all about interaction – online and on your phone and tablet. It’s about exclusive content, chatting and voting. And luckily for fans, there’s lots of that here, providing fans with “a behind-the-scenes look at how it all comes together,” says Canada’s Got Talent digital correspondent Graeme O’Neil. His role is to bridge the gap between the TV show and the show’s website,, plus give you all the social media you can handle.

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Here’s how to get in (and stay in!) on the action:

  1. CONNECT ONLINE – Get in the conversation online. Chat with viewers, judges and Canada’s Got Talent Digital Correspondent Graeme O’Neil live!
  2. GET BEHIND THE SCENESRogers Anyplace TV and Rogers On Demand Ch 100 offers fans exclusive access to behind-the-scenes videos and audition clips – more than 70 – not available anywhere else. Go online and visit to view on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Videos include everything from interviews with auditioners to exclusive clips of Digital Correspondent Graeme O’Neil attempting other people’s talents. You can also watch competitors backstage and live chat with viewers, judges and more.
  3. AT HOME JUDGE -  Judge contestants from home online or on the Canada’s Got Talent iPad or Blackberry App to make your voice heard; a percentage bar will appear on the TV screen that reveals whether Canada likes the act or not.
  4. ON TV – Catch missed (or rewatch favourites!) episodes on Rogers On Demand (Ch. 100).
  5. ONLINE – Watch full episodes on your laptop at, all you need to do is sign up for a Rogers Anyplace TV account.
  6. ON YOUR SMARTPHONE – Get Rogers Anyplace TV iPhone and Android app – catch up on missed episodes on the go.
  7. XBOX 360 – Find out how you can access Rogers Anyplace TV with your Xbox console to watch full episodes of Canada’s Got Talent!
  8. ON YOUR TABLET - Watch Full episodes on your tablet at, all you need to do is sign up for a Rogers Anyplace TV account.

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holly, on said:

I always wanted to go on Canadas got talent so much and
Plus one of my friend was on the show man


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