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Burn Notice

Season 6 part 2 premieres in November on Super Channel & Super Channel On Demand

Now that super-spy Michael Westen’s pursuit of the person who had him exiled from the CIA reached its shocking conclusion in the first half of Season 6, the cliffhanger-fuelled, spy-vs.-spy action series can get back to the serious business of combining humour and spyjinks, like the love child of Alias and The Rockford Files. Except, when the series resumes, our super-spy turned PI and his pals (including Westen’s womanizing slob sidekick, played by Bruce “If chins could kill” Campbell) are stuck in Panama after surviving an F-18 attack ordered by Michael’s old CIA mentor. Will Michael and the gang make it out of Central America in one piece? Will he exact revenge? It’s classic tune-in-next-week TV that action fans shouldn’t miss.

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