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Season 1 premieres on January 11th on HBO Canada, HBO Canada On Demand & Rogers

Ever since series creator Alan Ball announced that he’d be leaving the helm of True Blood at the end of season five, we’ve been chomping at the bit to see what the Six Feet Under mastermind dishes up next. Knowing Ball, we’re guaranteed generous dollops of sex, violence, photogenic naked folk and the odd skeleton in the closet. Banshee promises to deliver all four – plus scads of smalltown scumbags – when ex-con Lucas Hood (Kiwi hottie Antony Starr) rocks up in Pennsylvanian Amish country and secretly poses as the sheriff in order to impose his own less-than-legal style of justice upon the town of Banshee. Why Banshee? It featured prominently, don’t ya know, in Hood’s dark past. Are you smelling revenge yet?

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2 thoughts on “Banshee: Series Premiere

Carrie Maiorano, on said:

When will other episodes of Banshee besides the premiere episode be available on demand?


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