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1600 Penn

Season 1 premieres January 10th on Citytv, Rogers On Demand (Ch. 100) &

Family sitcoms are a somewhat fossilized medium these days, and the U.S. networks really need to keep pulling bigger and bigger rabbits out of the hat if they’re going to impress a literate audience anymore. This latest attempt to breathe life into the family sitcom goes right to the top – to the family that occupies the White House. And guess what? They’re just as wobbly and dysfunctional as the rest of us. The prez (Bill Pullman) is on his second marriage (to Jenna Elfman) – shock, horror! – and bumbling eldest son Skip (Josh Gad) can’t stop accidentally setting things on fire. The only thing harder than being head of state, as the tagline goes, is being head of the family. Cue the cute factor.

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3 thoughts on “1600 Penn: Season 1

Joanna Black, on said:

I seriously think. That we pay enough for cable, really too much. &most of the time there is nothing good on the price we pay now is too high. Also internet should be the way it use to be one charge, unlimited usage, not pay extra there r people,, that can ‘t afford all these high prices you just keep raising. The cost


Richard Bryden, on said:

How do I use $100.00 worth of Rogers gift cards which were given to rent movies, now that Rogers are out of the business of renting movies


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Richard,

    I’d advise you to contact Customer Care over the phone regarding that situation.

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