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UFC 162 | Available live on Pay-Per-View
July 6, Channel 348 (HD) and Channel 350

Like every other UFC fan, you also dream of being a fighter – in the ring, mixing it up with your Thai kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves. Add in a little judo, karate and wresting, and you’re simply unbeatable. Okay, so the chances of actually having Bruce Buffer introduce you into the octagon are slim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train like a UFC champion. Here are five techniques to get you started.

Workout 1: Caveman Training

Ever wonder how UFC juggernauts such as Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez achieve their gargantuan strength and speed? Sure, DNA plays a role, but so does Caveman Training. As its name suggests, Caveman is all about shoving, lifting and moving massive, heavy objects; flipping monster-truck tires, swinging sledgehammers, tossing sandbags, climbing ropes and dragging weighted sledges are just some of the exercises.

Workout 2: Shark Tank Training

Every UFC fighter fears getting dragged into the deep water that is Round 5. Your lungs burn, muscles fail and just standing up takes gargantuan effort. That’s where Shark Tank Training comes into play. Here, the idea is to build up your stamina by sparring with fresh partners again and again, one after the other, until you’re curled up in the corner trying not to puke. This is how fighters like Georges St-Pierre or Frankie Edgar, who faces fellow featherweight Charles Oliveira at UFC 162, manage to look fresh as a daisy after 25 minutes.

Workout 3: Pool Training

Not exactly a regular training technique, but UFC fighters including B.J. Penn and Jake Rosholt have been known to incorporate pool jumping into their routines. It goes like this: stand in the shallow end of a swimming pool, about three-feet deep, and then leap out of the water onto the pool deck without using your hands. Not as easy as it sounds, but master this move and you’ll drastically increase your in-the-ring explosiveness.

Workout 4: Scuba Training

An MMA fight is all about performance under pressure: whoever can exert the least while enduring the longest wins. This is where the training mask comes into play. Essentially, do your usual cardio workout while wearing a scuba mask. It’s supposed to increase lung capacity and improve endurance, although those claims are a bit controversial. Regardless, Wanderlei Silva swears by the mask. And besides, it’ll make you sound like Darth Vader during your workout. A little gym cred goes a long way.

Workout 5: Loser Training

One of the hardest parts of any fighter’s training camp is the weight cut. Middleweight champ Anderson Silva, who faces Chris Weidman in UFC 162’s main event, might weigh-in the day before the fight at 185 pounds, but he walks around closer to 220. This means that during the final days leading up to the fight he is starving and dehydrating himself to lose as much as 35 pounds. And, in the 24 hours between weigh-in and fight night, he’ll gain back 20 pounds or more as he replenishes his depleted body. Fighters who manage the cut well – Silva and Georges St-Pierre, for example – have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

Callout: The Next Fight Card

Those are just a few things to keep in mind as you tune into Saturday’s UFC 162. In addition to Silva vs Weidman and Edgar vs Oliveira, the main card will see Tim Kennedy meet Roger Gracie (middleweight), Mark Muñoz meet Tim Boetsch (middleweight), and Cub Swanson meet Dennis Siver (featherweight).

Event date: Saturday July 6

Event time: 10 p.m. ET

Event venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

How to order: Choose Channel 348 or 350 on your remote or call 1-866-400-9284

Free info on upcoming events: Text “MMA” to 4828

Catch up on past UFC clips: at Rogers Anyplace TV.

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