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Great news: Baseball season is in full swing! Not-so-great news: some events and situations can get between you and catching all the action. The best news? That’s no longer a problem. Thanks to Rogers, you can watch the Toronto Blue Jays™ from almost anywhere, and never miss a game.

Live Blue Jays games can now be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or PC with Rogers Anyplace TV™. Stream every regular season game broadcast on Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE. Plus, if you missed yesterday’s game or need another hard line drive hit, you can catch Blue Jays Live in 30 on your PC for condensed recaps and highlights.

Here’s how it could work for you:

Must-attend event: Your fourth cousin’s baby shower

You tried to get out of it, because you don’t want to miss the game, but she’s family. And now all this talk about labour pains and baby spit-up stains makes you really wish you’d sent your gift with Aunt Agnes instead.

Solution: The Rogers Anyplace TV app.  Discreetly step out of the diaper-rash discussion and pull out your smartphone. Streaming is available to all Rogers wireless customers through the Rogers Anyplace TV app (available for iOS and Android). Cost is $5/month for 10 hours of viewing; overage is $1/hour/month of viewing. Download the app for free, and overage charges are waived until Oct. 31.

Must-attend event: The delayed flight

It never fails: you get to the airport on time, but for one reason or another, your flight gets delayed by an hour or two. And while the airport might have TVs, the sound is often turned off. And the airport restaurant is pricey.

Solution: Rogers Anyplace TV online. Instead of getting frustrated, get in the game with your laptop. If you’re a Rogers digital TV customer and subscribe to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE (like any true fan would), you can access live games through Rogers Anyplace TV online. Games are accessible Canada-wide.

Must-attend event: Jury duty

When you’ve been selected to be on a jury, you’ll need to focus on the evidence and testimony, not live sports. But while you’re waiting for your turn in the jury selection room, you can sneak a peak at the game.

Solution: The Rogers Anyplace TV Tablet app. If you’re a Rogers digital TV customer who subscribes to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE, you’ll soon be the MVP in the room. Stream the games on your tablet through the free-to-download Rogers Anyplace TV Tablet app (available for iOS and Android). Don’t worry about extra innings – watch as much as you like with no extra fees or costs on Wi-Fi. Games are accessible Canada-wide.

Must-attend event: The compulsory course

You asked for an exemption, but the one course boring you to tears turns out to be a must-do for your diploma or certification. But why oh why does the course have to take place at the same time as many Toronto Blue Jays games?!

Solution: Rogers Anyplace TV on your laptop. You’re taking notes on your laptop anyway, so why not use it to watch a game recap and highlights with Rogers Anyplace TV online? As long as you’re a Rogers digital TV customer subscribed to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE, you can watch the recap.

Your friends and family might not understand your need to catch that Toronto Blue Jays game, but Rogers can help you do it, no matter what’s on your plate.

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4 thoughts on “How-To: Never Miss A Blue Jays Game

Dan Lee, on said:

Why is the Blackberry Tablet-32G not included in devices supported?


Darryl shoulders, on said:

can this app be canceled at any time


Rod Borden, on said:

Can this work on my mini ipad


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Rod,
    You can stream the games on your tablet through the free-to-download Rogers Anyplace TV Tablet app, which is available for iOS. Thanks.

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