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Living in North America, it is easy to not realize that cricket is a immensely popular sport worldwide. Many of the British colonies field strong teams, with Canada being one of the few exceptions. However, thanks to our well known and loved immigrant communities, cricket is on the rise here as well. The following Indian Premier League plays show that cricketers have some of the best hands in sport, allowing them to make some miraculous catches barehanded. Check out these five great catches:

1. Paul Collingwood

Great vertical leap, agility and focus all play a part in this stellar grab by England’s Paul Collingwood. Collingwood manages to contort his body mid-air to dismiss Australia’s Matthew Hayden in the 2005 ODI (One Day International) series.

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2. Brendon McCullum

File this one under “Wow,” folks. The fact that wicketkeepers are the only players on the field allowed to wear catching mitts does not make this grab by New Zealand’s Brendon McCullum any less impressive.  Another catch made possible by an insane vertical leap, perfect timing and focus.

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3. Adam Dale

This legendary catch has a bit of everything, an exhilarating run followed by a deftly timed leap allows Adam Dale, playing for Western Australia, to dismiss New South Wales’ Phil Emery.

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4. Chaminda Vaas

Cricket is not only about athleticism, as this lighthearted play shows. Renowned Sri Lankan bowler Chaminda Vaas manages to dismiss Bangladesh’s Khaled Mashud while protecting his own head. Quick hands and a bit of almost slapstick comedy make this moment a memorable one.

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5. David Hussey

In a bit of poetic justice, Collingwood is in turn dismissed by this amazing catch by Australia’s David Hussey in the 2010 IPL (Indian Premier League). In a play that demonstrates one of the unique aspects of cricket, Hussey brings a ball back in bounds to make this catch, quick hands and wit making it all possible. Click HERE to watch.

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