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Things are looking mighty promising for the Toronto Blue Jays this year. New trades, big investments and revived spirit are poising the team for a potential playoff spot. And so for fans, catching as much of the action is crucial. Attending a Blue Jays game is the ultimate in fun. But lucky for us, Rogers and Sportsnet offer many ways to watch – on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Live Stream Blue Jays TV

Baseball fans are fanatical about their chosen sport, so having access to live games and highlights is key. That’s what Blue Jays Live Streaming is all about. Fans can stream every regular season game broadcast on Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE. Miss a match? Stream Blue Jays In 30 for condensed game recaps and highlights. All this will keep you in the know, and let you be the first to respond when someone asks, “What’s up with the Blue Jays this year?”

How-To: Start Streaming the Blue Jays

1. On your smartphone: Smartphone streaming is available to all Rogers wireless customers through the Rogers Anyplace TV app (available for iOS and Android). Cost is $5/ month for 10 hours of viewing; overage is $1/hour/month of viewing. The app is free to download, and overage charges are waived until Oct. 31.

2. On your PC: Available to all Rogers digital TV customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE. Access the games through Rogers Anyplace TV online. Games are accessible Canada-wide.

3. On your tablet: Available to Rogers digital TV customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE. Stream the games through the free-to-download Rogers Anyplace TV Tablet app (available for iOS and Android) and watch as much as you’d like with no extra fees or costs on Wi-Fi. Games are accessible Canada-wide.

MLB Extra Innings

Baseball fans who want more out-of-market games can do no better than MLB Extra Innings, part of the Super Sports Pak – the ultimate sports TV package for diehard fans. MLB Extra Innings offers fans up to 85 out-of- market games per week, including many games in stunning HD. The Super Sports Pak also includes NHL Centre Ice, NBA League Pass, OHL Action Pak, NFL Sunday Ticket, a subscription to Sportsnet magazine and more. Cost is $36.31/month. Revamped

Into sports? The newly re-engineered features lighting-fast delivery of sports news and highlights and is jam-packed with up to the minute analysis of your favourite teams. The new site also features responsive design, so you can easily access the sports and information you crave on any device.

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2 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Watch The Toronto Blue Jays

Jeff Thompson, on said:

Last weekend (May 26 or May 25) and prior to the weekend, I was able to stream live bluejays game on my computer via the internet. All I had was my rogers profile via my rogers mobile 3 year plan. Tonight as I attempt to get the bluejays game, I am unable to stream it. Instead it indicates that I must be a rogers digital TV subscriber and must subscribe to Sportsnet.

Due to my physical location being a cogeco cable environment, I am unable to be a rogers digital TV subscriber. I current do subscribe to Sportsnet via Cogeco.

Why has this changed since the last time I signed in … last weekend? Please put it back they way is it was.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for your comments. Can you please reach out to our customer service representatives on Twitter (@RogersHelps) or Facebook ( – they’ll be happy to help you with this inquiry.

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