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Total Recall

Available until March 14, 2013 on Rogers On Demand Ch. 100 and

The three-breasted woman is pretty much all that remains of the campy 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger version of Philip K. Dick’s futuristic tale. This time round it’s Colin Farrell who learns that his entire life is a fabrication and that all his memories are false. It’s an irresistible premise, brilliantly executed by Underworld director Len Wiseman, striking much more closely to the original story and intent. Farrell discovers that he’s a secret operative in a post-apocalyptic Earth decimated by chemical warfare and under totalitarian rule. This is a darker, more violent and ferociously paced film with some particularly stunning special effects. Farrell gives a remarkably nuanced performance of an everyman caught between conflicting loyalties.

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One thought on “On Demand: Total Recall

Alluc, on said:

This remake of the movie from Arnold S is definitely a must see. A great action movie with the exception of the events from Mars of the original movie.


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