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It suddenly dawns on Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart that the end is nigh. Courtesy of eOne Films.

Available until July 1, 2013 at Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and online at

The romantic saga that’s been making teenage hearts go pitter-patter since the first instalment was released in 2008 has finally come to a close. And what a campy, melodramatic trip it’s been!

Bella (Kristen Stewart) has finally been granted her heart’s desire and is now a cold-blooded member of the undead. All would be peachy except that her half-human/half-vampire baby is being hunted by the menacing Volturi. Why, you ask? Believe it or not, it’s all just a big misunderstanding.

But no matter – what the Volturi wants, the Volturi gets, so young Renesmee is in need of protection. Jacob, Bella’s hunky werewolf pal (Taylor Lautner), has “imprinted” on baby Renesmee, so fighting to the death to ensure her safety is no biggie. But a lone wolf is no match for the dandyish army of blood-suckers – meaning it’s up to the Cullen clan to call in some favours from their brethren around the world.

The CGI wolves, over-the-top costumes and histrionic dialogue are all just part of the fun of this campy teen romance. For fans who are thoroughly invested in the material, this will prove an exhilarating finale, but the polarizing bait-and-switch ending will leave many asking, “Did they really just do that!?

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3 thoughts on “On Demand: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Alluc, on said:

Thanks for sharing this info. Have watched the first part and waiting for this one. Will check it out once its up.


Sheila Mojica, on said:

Why do you not have twilight breaking dawn part 1 too. Don’t want to watch part 2 first


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