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Rooney Mara has a bitter pill to swallow – with curious Side Effects.

Side Effects

Available from May 21 to August 20, 2013 at Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and online at

Steven Soderbergh has announced that he’s giving up filmmaking, but who knew he’d save the best for last? Side Effects is not only one of the finest in Soderbergh’s unconventional career, but one of the most rewarding films you’ll see all year.

Anyone ready to write it off as an indictment of Big Pharma and misdiagnosed psychiatric illness, please take note: just when you think you’ve figured it out, Soderbergh pulls deceptive tricks on us, introducing Hitchcockian traces of paranoia and duplicity.

Released from prison after a stint for insider trading, Martin (Channing Tatum) returns home to find his wife Emily (Rooney Mara) slipping into major depression. After crashing her car, Emily is prescribed an anti-depressant by an overworked ER psychiatrist (Jude Law), but the drug doesn’t work. So Emily begins a trial for a new mood-disorder drug. At first, it seems to work – her sex drive is back – but when the sleepwalking kicks in, and Martin finds her setting the kitchen table in the middle of the night, things get ugly.

Emily’s descent, and that of Law’s character, as well as a chilling performance from Catherine Zeta-Jones, devolves into a web of – citing the film that launched Soderbergh’s career – sex, lies and videotape.

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