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Premiering March 26 on Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and online at

If there’s one reason to watch this film, it’s for Daniel Day-Lewis’s outstanding portrayal of Lincoln as a folksy, cagey, driven, morally righteous and haunted leader, father and husband.

A film about Abraham Lincoln, simply called Lincoln, and directed by Steven Spielberg, implies something sweeping and epic – a defining portrait of America’s most revered president. But we are shown only a brief glimpse of a Civil War battlefield; Lincoln does not deliver the Gettysburg Address; his assassination takes place off screen; and not a single vampire is slain.

Instead, the story focuses on a single month in the 16th president’s life as he struggles to abolish slavery. The country is divided by war, as is Lincoln’s own family. His son (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) wants to join the Union Army, which Lincoln and his wife (Sally Field) oppose. The result is an intimate and powerful film.

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2 thoughts on “On Demand: Lincoln

Alluc, on said:

Seen the trailer and I am really impressed. I also enjoyed reading this article as well. Thanks for sharing this.


Juss B. semple, on said:

"not a single vampire is slain."
You’re hilarious, I’m literally rotflmfao!
Damned to the depths whatever madman thought of the Great Emancipator slaying vampires and not feckless rednecks.


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