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Beyoncé Knowles’ directorial début. Photo courtesy of HBO Canada.

Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream

Available between Feb. 17 and Aug. 16 on HBO Canada On Demand and

In a world full of overexposed celebrities and paparazzi who put their lives at risk to catch stars during their most private moments, R&B princess Beyoncé has managed to become one of the world’s most famous inhabitants while still holding on to a shred of privacy. Now, the reserved star is opening up her secret vault of never-before-seen home movies and personal photos and sharing them with the world in this feature-length, self-directed documentary. (Yup, you can now add movie director to her list of accomplishments.)

Along with the obvious entertainment value – you can’t have a Beyoncé movie without some bare skin and bootylicious dance moves – the doc is also the new mom’s attempt to topple the tower of perfection that thousands of airbrushed photos and carefully calculated interviews have built over her career. Closeups of the star without makeup (gasp!) are interspersed with confessional videos as her smoky voiceovers reflect on love, life, fame and her many insecurities.

She still looks amazing in every frame, but at the very least, Mrs. Jay-Z wants us to believe that famous people have moments of fear and self-doubt too. Whether it’s trying to perfect complicated dance moves before a massive show or lamenting about squeezing into skin-tight costumes while hiding her growing baby bump, Life is But A Dream showcases how one of the world’s most famous women doesn’t find it all as easy as she makes it look. The moral of this movie? Sasha ain’t quite so fierce after all.

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