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A Royal Affair

Premiering April 30 on Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and

The frisky habits of royal families past and present never cease to entertain movie-going audiences, and this 18th-century tale of lust, deceit and political intrigue in the Danish royal court proves no exception.

Rooted in fact, the Oscar-nominee for Best Foreign Language Film is told from the perspective of Queen Caroline Mathilde, an affection-starved freethinker who finds herself caught between her slightly off-kilter husband, King Christian VII, and his minder-physician, Johann Friedrich Struensee (played by Mads Mikkelsen, who most will remember as the bloody-eyed villain in Casino Royale).

Struensee, a man who longs to bring enlightenment and social reform to Denmark, piques the young Queen’s interest, and a passionate, ill-fated love affair ensues. The film is full of bodice-ripping and backstabbing (naturally), and the gorgeous set design, stunning costumes and excellent art direction make this one of the most sumptuous historical dramas in recent memory.

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