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Les Misérables

Premiering March 22 on Rogers On Demand (Channel 100) and online at

Few film titles aptly describe the physical and emotional condition of its characters quite like Les Misérables. The film’s success is due to the hyperrealism in the vocal performances. New technologies allow for the near-perfect recording of songs on location, which, since the 1930s, have always been pre-recorded.

As Fantine, Anne Hathaway’s mournful “I Dreamed a Dream,” performed in one take, is one of its most powerful moments. Unless you’re a robot, your tear ducts will react. But it is Hugh Jackman as the Christ-like Jean Valjean who carries the film on his shoulders, pleading to God above to end the misery in “Bring Him Home.”

For an enhanced viewing experience, popcorn is optional, but tissues are a must.

Please be advised that streaming video consumes larger amounts of data

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One thought on “On Demand: Les Misérables

Alluc, on said:

This movie is indeed a great one. If you are a fan of musicals then this one will surely put a tear on your eyes. Thanks for sharing this one.


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