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Anonymous, Rogers On DemandANONYMOUS

- Andrea Ermard’s Pick

Prepare yourself for a rollicking good ride through Tudor history – particularly if you’re a Shakespeare doubter, unconvinced that the Bard penned all those plays singlehandedly (or at all). As a movie, Anonymous is enormously entertaining, visually stun- ning and, above all, provocative. Rhys Ifans gives a wonderful performance as the 17th Earl of Oxford, the assumed author behind the “pen name” William Shakespeare. Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave each portray Queen Elizabeth I, and Derek Jacobi appears in the prologue to deliver a convincing argument. With a sharp eye for detail in its recreation of Elizabethan London, Anonymous is an unconventional interpretation of history, an exciting costume drama and a clever argument- starter. Andrea Emard

The Rum Diary, Rogers On Demand, Johnny DeppTHE RUM DIARY

- Barret Hooper’s Pick

What a trip. While less hallucinatory than Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, this sun- stroked surrealist cocktail is a perfect nightcap for fans of gonzo author Hunter S. Thompson and actor Johnny Depp, who plays a Raoul Duke-like New York journalist hiding out in Puerto Rico. Much like Thompson’s writing, the story wanders drunkenly from episode to episode, enlisting a Hitler-admiring religion reporter (Giovanni Ribisi), a shady property developer (Aaron Eckhart), an impulsive blonde femme fatale (Amber Heard) and a red Corvette. The performances are sharp and the dialogue sparkles, even if the tale they’re supporting doesn’t always make sense. Barrett Hooper

Twilight Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson, Rogers On DemandTHE TWILIGHT SAGA:

- Lauren Flanagan’s Pick

Melodrama still rules in this teen soap opera, even though the fourth instalment takes a sharp turn toward the dark and twisted. After three movies filled with smouldering gazes and burning loins, the relationship between brooding vampire Edward and moody teenager Bella has finally reached the point of consummation. Edward has agreed to marry his human love, have bed-breaking sex and turn her into a blood- sucking creature of the night. But all is not well in the land of the undead. Bella immediately finds herself with child. (Y’see, kids, it can happen the first time!) What to do? Save Bella from the human- vampire fetus that’s literally sucking the life out of her or let the pregnancy go to term and risk her life? (Can you spot the political debate?) Clearly the stakes have risen since we first met Edward and Bella. This is True Blood for the tween set. Lauren Flanagan

Retreat, Rogers On DemandRETREAT

- Kendon Polak’s Pick

Best viewed alone, at night, with the lights off, Retreat is a neat three-hander that unfolds with the intensity of a stage play. It cleverly traps Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell within the claustrophobic con- fines of a bleakly isolated cottage on a remote uninhabited island (without a telephone, of course, and only a dodgy generator) where the enemy is entirely within. With a wind- swept, Ingmar Bergman austerity, Murphy and Newton halfheartedly attempt to repair their marriage against the uninvited assistance of a blood-stained intruder with a dubious agenda. An all-inclusive Club Med might have been a safer bet. Kendon Polak

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