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Beasts of the Southern Wild

Available until April 18th on Rogers On Demand Ch. 100 and

A Grand Jury Prize winner at this year’s Sundance is a small miracle of a film, an unforgettable folk tale for the 21st century. Hushpuppy is a six year-old girl living in an impoverished New Orleans community when Hurricane Katrina strikes. Her mother supposedly “swims away,” and her father is a terminally ill alcoholic, so Hushpuppy finds herself living alone in a derelict trailer and is largely left to fend for herself. What makes this lyrical film so utterly remarkable is Hushpuppy’s stubborn dignity, and her singular and beautiful belief that “the whole universe depends on all the pieces fitting together just right.” She gives physical form to her fears by imagining them as dark boar-like beasts that roam the decimated countryside, so that she may confront them. A major triumph of a film.

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One thought on “On Demand: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Alluc, on said:

Haven’t seen this one but will check this one out. Thanks for sharing this article here.


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