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Remember when broadband browsing overtook dial-up access on home computers? A whole new world opened up: downloading music and movies, chatting, playing online games. Now a similar shift in speed is about to happen for mobile browsing. As the Rogers LTE network unrolls, with its increased bandwidth, expect to be blown away by the new speeds. And with more speed comes even better functionality. Here are a few examples of how LTE will change the way you use your mobile device.

Cloud ComputingCloud Computing

What is this “cloud” you keep hearing about? Think of the cloud as an online hard drive that lets you store and access your content – documents, spreadsheets, music, movies, whatever – online. With new synching services such as Apple’s iCloud and Google’s Music, cloud-based storage means you can stream your music from anywhere. No more syncing between computer and smartphone; the network takes all the worry away. And while many of us are already familiar with clouds, you can expect that the hyper-drive speed of LTE will make this technology much more mainstream. Forget downloading huge media files; with the cloud, you just click and play.


LTE Meets MD LTE Meets MD

You turn on your TV and a split-second later, it’s fully functioning. LTE is sort of like that. Because it’s so fast, LTE allows for instant-on, speedy data wherever you’re connected. The possibilities created by this speed are wide, including rapid data access and speedy file updates. For example, doctors could retrieve a patient’s secure and detailed personal medical history, prescriptions, drug sensitivities, allergies and so on in an instant.


Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
Good News

Electronic news gathering (ENG) today means cumbersome news vans and satellite uplinks. With LTE technology, news camera crews can utilize this fast network to upload, or even stream their coverage via the LTE network instead of beaming it into outerspace. ENG and even live video event coverage could mean point, shoot and stream in real time.

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