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Every device runs on what’s known as an “operating system.” This is the foundational platform that makes everything run smoothly, and also allows for you to do things like share data across devices, or put things onto a virtual cloud, so you can access your stuff wherever you are, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

There are benefits particular to each OS. The Apple operating system, or iOS, is known for its intuitive design, whereas Android is best known for its open, adaptable nature. Then there’s the workhorse known as BlackBerry, where business, security and, now, play are all part of its DNA.

We’ve broken down each OS for you. So whether you’re an Apple guy, an Android fan or you’re tied to your BlackBerry 24/7, here’s an overview of each.

The Android Ecosystem

Seamlessly sync your digital life – movies, music, contacts, email and more – with Android. Here’s how to do it >>

The iOS Ecosystem

The iOS ecosystem manages and merges your digital life on your iPad and iPhone. Learn more about it here >>

The BlackBerry Ecosystem

BlackBerry has proven itself as a contender with Android and Apple. Here are the main components of the BlackBerry ecosystem >>

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