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We live in a digital world. From our smartphones and tablets to your other mobile electronic devices, we rely on electricity every day for so many things. But there are ways to reduce our consumption, including solar-powered devices still work even on cloudy days, while still using our devices. With this in mind, here are seven essential green gadgets.

1. Eco-Made Eco-Amp 2.0

US$10 |

This retro, earth-friendly amplifier packs big sound. Made from 100 percent post-consumer fibres, the eco-amp comes in 24 patterns, is printed with soy-based ink and fits most iPhone cases. Best of all, it requires no batteries. Easily assemble and disassemble to make toting around a breeze.

2. iSolar Backup Battery

$37 |

Two things make this backup battery awesomely green. First, there’s the solar-powered panel that connects via USB and acts as a backup battery that stays charged no matter where you are. Second, the shell is made of bamboo – an amazing renewable resource that’s also recyclable. Feel good about your environmental do-gooding and look cool at the same time.

3. Nokero SunRay Pro-Power Panel P102

US$39 |

Got an older device or one without a USB port? Enjoy solar power wherever you go with this portable, lightweight panel. Designed to charge any Nokia, Sony or Samsung phone, with additional universal USB chargers available, this power panel allows you to connect any other small-voltage device.

4. SolarFocus Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle 4

$89 |

Designed specifically for the Kindle 4 (non touch, no keyboard), this cover generates juice from the rays of the sun to power an LED reading light and also charge the device. Take it camping or on overnight road trips (not while driving, of course).

5. Pocket Socket Portable Hand Generator

US$60 |

Remember Snap’s early ’90s pop hit “The Power”? Well now you can literally have the power – in your hands! Ideal for emergencies, for camping, or for anyone who likes to get a good bicep workout, this handheld generator churns out 10 watts of power at 120V DC. Insert any standard two-prong plug onto the generator, start cranking and watch as your battery meter starts to rise.

6. iBamboo Speaker

US$25 |

Made from a single bamboo shoot with two open ends, this power-free amplifier emits a rich sound. And because it’s made from a natural product, no two speakers are the same. Fits iPhone 4 and 5.

7. Grove Bamboo iPhone and iPad Cases

US$79 and up |

Crafted with love by hipsters in Portland, Oregon, these pristine cases are created from a single chunk of bamboo. Rock a natural case, create your own custom design or choose from a variety of fun laser engraved patterns, like the Pulsar case, a homage to Joy Division’s 1979 album, Unknown Pleasures.

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