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The iPhone is bigger and has a different dock connecter. While this is super totally awesome it means the iPhone 5 requires all-new accessories. We’ve picked our top 5 must-haves:

Sena UltraSlim leather case

$29.99 |

If you like luxury, you’ll like Sena cases. Durable and elegant, they’re built to last and worth every penny.  Made of real leather, this one also feature a soft velvet lining, plus openings for the charge port and speaker. Click here for more information.

Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation Pro

$99.95 |

The one thing our beloved iPhone lacks is mind-blowing battery life. And with the introduction of LTE compatibility, the iPhone 5 is that much more of a battery hog. Want backup battery power? Say hello to the PowerStation Pro by Mophie. With an impact- and splash-resistant design, and a 6,000 mAh battery, you can rest assured your phone will take some abuse and last without the need for an outlet. Click here for more information.

Sony Speaker Dock for iPhone, iPad and iPod

$399.99 |

Sony’s speaker dock has long been a favourite among many reviewers. Why? It lets you rapidly charge your iPhone, while offering crisp, clear sound. It has bass output that puts many home theaters to shame, plus a retractable dock connector for easy storage. The new iPhone 5 will require an adapter to connect the Sony dock. The adapter is coming soon from Apple. Click here to learn more.


Bracketron Universal USB Car Charger

$19.99 |

Gone are the days when we needed to buy separate car chargers for all our different phones. Today, you can convert your 12V car lighter into a cell phone charger using dime-a-dozen USB cables. Use the cable that came in your iPhone 5 box to charge your phone on the go! Click here to learn more.


Otterbox Commuter Case

$39.95 |

Long-regarded as the leader in phone protection, Otterbox is back and better than ever with its ever-popular case, the Commuter. Made of lightweight silicone and polycarbonate plastic, the Commuter is designed to take whatever accidental spill you throw its way, without adding much bulk to the super-slim iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 Commuter case is available now via Otterbox.

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