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Connected Rogers


Not only is the Rogers LTE network the largest and fastest Long Term Evolution wireless network available in Canada, but Rogers is now offering some of the coolest LTE enabled smartphones around. To access break-neck LTE download speeds all you need is an LTE smartphone, LTE data plan and SIM card. We’ve got an LTE device for whatever you fancy, from music to streaming HD video. Take your pick!


Sony Xperia ion 

Sony’s first smartphone to be LTE enabled, the Sony Xperia ion comes pre-loaded with the Video Unlimited & Music Unlimited app which allow you to stream more than 15 million tracks – couple that with the blazing fast LTE network and you’ve got yourself one heck of a device. Read all about it >>

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung’s third and most impressive Galaxy to date, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a smorgasbord of features including smart automation, wireless file sharing and speech-to-text technology…and, of course, blistering-fast LTE connectivity. We’d recommend the Samsung Galaxy S III to anyone… Find out why >>

HTC One X 

Beats Audio integration. There we said it. The HTC One X has got it, and much more, which is what makes this smartphone a no-brainer. Did we mention the incredible 8-megapixel camera? Or the fact that it comes with a 250 GB boost to your Dropbox account? What about the fact that it’s LTE enabled? Believe it or not….there’s more >>


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