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1. Withings Smart Baby Monitor

$249 |

Most video monitors come with a camera and a hand-held unit. This one sends the image to an app which you view on your device. The infrared camera captures a clear image of your baby while he sleeps, and its virtual PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) technology lets you check on him from various angles. The two-way talk function lets you speak or play a lullaby from anywhere, and automatic alerts with motion detection will give you peace of mind. Even closed, the app will run in the background of your device. Compatible with iOS, Android and Wi-Fi/Ethernet.

2. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair

$249 |

Combining futuristic style with funky, retro design, the one-hand adjustable tray and cool pneumatic lift give this highchair style and functionality points. Seamless and waterproof seat pads make cleaning smashed sweet potatoes easy-peasy.

3. Total Baby app

$4.99 | iOS

Baby books have gone digital thanks to multifunctional apps like Total Baby. As well as tracking when baby was last fed or changed, the app lets you upload photos, enter milestones and reference within the app to find the last time your little one had a fever or visited the doctor. If you have multiple children, simply swipe from right to left to access each child’s profile. Archiving a precious life has never been so easy or fun.

4. Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater AMO5

$449 |

It’s a fan, it’s a heater – wait! It’s actually both. But what’s even cooler (pardon the pun) about this gadget is that is has no rotating blades, making it much safer for curious little fingers. The Dyson Hot + Cool’s versatility and safety features make it a nursery necessity.

5. itzbeen Pocket Nanny

$30 |

Can’t quite pinpoint why your baby is screaming at 2 a.m.? Take some of the guesswork out of newborn care with this easy-to-use timer. Each time you feed, change, or put baby down for some zzzs, click a button and a timer will count up.  Lightweight and portable, ItzBeen features a back clip and soft-glow nightlight.

6. mamaRoo

$239 |

The perfect solution for a fussy baby (or a mom who wishes she had an extra arm!), the mamaRoo mimics the comforting motions of a parent. Complete with a sweet mobile and five unique settings – including tree swing, kangaroo, ocean, car ride and rock-a-bye – this bouncy-chair alternative ensures parents and babies alike will cherish the time spent in its “embrace.”

7. Pipila Portable Pacifier Sterilizer

$44 |

Calling all germaphobes! Perfect for the mobile family unit, the Pipila Portable Pacifier Sterilizer features a unique UV-sterilization system. The baseball-sized Pipila runs on AAA batteries, fits most standard pacifiers and eliminates 99.9% of germs in just three minutes. Available in multiple colours.

8. Serenity Star

$100 |

A must-have tool for moms and caregivers, the Serenity Star monitors sleep and feeding schedules. The elegant design combines a room-temperature indicator, sound machine, clock, nightlight and electronic feeding diary. Plus, it’s a pretty darn cute addition to baby’s nursery.

9. Stokke Scoot

$649.99 |

Not only is it eye-catching, but the Stokke Scoot actually grows with your child. Offering convertible two-way seating options, you can easily fold it together with one hand and it’s compact enough to navigate narrow doorways and busy transit systems. This is the stroller you want to roll through your ‘hood.

10. Withings Smart Kid Scale

$179 |

Highly accurate and designed to comfortably cocoon your baby with its cradle-like design, the scale also has an accompanying app that records measurements and helps you track nutrition on your iOS device. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, it automatically syncs your child’s measurements into a secure database. Equipped with automatic recognition for up to four children, the scale can convert to a child’s scale and can facilitate up to 55 lbs.

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