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Photography Greg Hall

The Samsung Galaxy S III at a Glance

Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
That means: An intuitive OS with apps galore, funky widgets and Face Unlock.

Display: 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED
That means: Best in class screen, ideal for videos, gaming and photos.

Cameras: 8MP rear, 1.9MP front-facing
That means: Print-quality pics, HD video capture and the ability to take amazing selfportraits.

Connectivity: LTE (plus 3G, 2.5G)
That means: Blazing-fast download speeds up to 100 Mbps*, plus a range of connection options.

Smart automation

The Galaxy S III has a cool feature called Smart stay. Its front-facing camera knows when you’re looking at the screen, but if your eyes look away it’ll dim itself to preserve its battery. It also knows when you want to talk; with Direct call, if you’re messaging with someone and want to call them, simply lift the Galaxy S III to your ear and it’ll dial for you.

Multi-tasking mojo

Class is over and now you’re watching a movie on the Galaxy S III. But whoops, you forgot to email back your study-group partner. Samsung’s Pop up play feature lets you do two things at once – such as watch an HD video and email or text at the same time.

“S Voice” voice control

You might know Android 4.0 includes powerful speech-to-text technology – speak your emails or texts and you’ll see the words accurately appear on the screen in real time – but the Galaxy S III goes one step further. With Samsung’s S Voice, you can tell your smartphone what to do and it’ll perform the action, such as set an alarm, increase volume or take a photo.

A new level of sharing

The Galaxy S III is packed with advanced wireless features including S Beam, which lets you place two compatible devices back-to-back to wirelessly share rich content like photos, music, videos and more. And then there’s AllShare Cast, used to beam your photos, videos and games to a compatible big-screen TV and even use the phone like a controller.

Organized social networking

Especially if you’ve left home for school, you’ll want to keep connected to friends. The Galaxy S III makes that easier with the Samsung’s Social tag feature, which automatically tags your friends in your photo gallery and shows you each person’s current social networking status when you touch them. You can even call, email or text someone right from the photo itself.

*Visit for full details

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5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S III

sheri, on said:

hi, went from the iphone 4 to my new galaxy s111 and trying to figure some of the things out! for one i don’t think rogers gave me the "LTE" chip as he just took the one out of my iphone and put it in my galaxy, didn’t ask me if i wanted the other one or doesn’t rogers have LTE? 2nd when my daughter gets her galaxy any day i want to be able to beam, how does that work? all they give is a dinky doo manual! my mom had the same slider cell for 4 1/2 yrs and is also getting the galaxy and i have a feeling she is gonna be alittle frustrated too as her phone was so basic and she is in her 50′s and gets frustrated fast, any good sites with more info to help her out when i’m not around? one more thing, how does smart automation work? still figuring things out! did take all the apps off main screen to hekp it run fast as it’s easy to get them with the app button, but i like my live wallpaper! wanna know about LTE sim card!~ Any help would be wonderful


Maureen Shier, on said:

Just got a Samsung Galazy S 111 from using a six year old ‘flip phone’. Am a baby boomer who knows nothing about all this new techie stuff and have found this phone a little frustrating with not knowing how to use it. I didn’t even know how answer the phone as I thought I had to just touch that ‘green phone’ icon. Never been holding the phone when anyone has tried to call me so I haven’t had the chance to see if the ‘swipe’ thing works.
Anyway I enjoyed the tips you’ve shared here and tell me what ‘some of this stuff is’ but it doesn’t tell me how to do any of the things you mentioned. I would love to be able to use the mic when ‘texting’ but have tried everything to see how to get it to work and so far have not been successfull. Someone should put out a Samsung Galazy S 111 site for ‘dummies’, explaining to babyboomers like myself. Have no idea what allot of the things are let alone some of the acronyms stand for. Just this ‘baby boomer, non-techy, ‘frustrated’, opinion. You might make more sales for people like myself if you offered an area for us to interact on line with someone about ‘our new phone.’ Thanks for allowing me to share my frustration and hope someone ‘listains’ for future products.


    Marian, on said:

    To answer your phonem swipe phone icon from left to right.
    I too am a baby boomer and I found lots of help by downloading the easy to understand manual. Check Samsung apps on your phone or on a PC search for Samsung Galaxy S iii manual download.

    Cheryl, on said:

    so glad to hear that I’m not alone….I don’t know how to answer either, I’ll try the swipe trick next time someone calls…I’m going back to the fabulous Casey" that sold me the phone yesterday..he was sooo helpful…also need to know how to turn off "sound" for email alerts…ring ring, can become annoying….Galaxy S3 for dummies would be great…:)

joffre, on said:

Impressed with product presentation. Much less involved than other sites.


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