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Seamless integration, intuitive control – these are the key elements of the iOS ecosystem, which allow you to quickly control your devices, make purchases at the App Store and iTunes, and everything else. With iOS 7, the latest version of the operating system, Apple has added more multitasking features, so you can do and see more than one thing at a time. Here are its main features:

Staying Connected and Notified

Introduced in iOS 7, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access controls for things like Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, screen brightness, music control and more. You’ll also have instant access to apps like Clock, Calculator, Camera and the Flashlight. Likewise, the iOS mail app works with virtually all mail providers and ISPs, as well as an instant messaging app called iMessage, which makes it easy to chat in real time with friends, family or colleagues.

Your New Personal Assistant

Voice command is a hallmark of iOS. Called “Siri,” this intelligent app lets you ask questions through speech. From “where are the Toronto Blue Jays playing next?” to “who is the prime minister of England?” or even “call my mother.” You can also read Siri an email and it will convert what you’re speaking aloud into text.

In the Cloud

Apple’s iCloud service backs up and synchronizes content between all your iOS devices (and your computer). For example, take a photo on your iPhone and it will show up on your iPad at the same time. You can store all kinds of documents and media on iCloud, with 5GB of online storage for free.

In the Air

Apple’s AirPlay lets you wirelessly play media from your iOS device to nearby devices. Mirror video on your television via Apple TV or wirelessly play music on an Airplay-enabled speaker. AirPrint-supported printers let you print documents and photos wirelessly from your iOS device. Likewise, AirDrop lets you share content with people nearby. Simply select the person with whom you want to share; the wireless handshake between compatible devices doesn’t require any set up – or even a wireless network. All transfers are fully encrypted to keep your content private.

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