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  1. Be The First - The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the only handset running Google’s newest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.
  2. 2. Facial Recognition – Turn on face recognition and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will never forget a face. Rather than entering a passcode or pattern lock, Ice Cream Sandwich can recognize you with its front-facing camera. If it’s dark, you can still enter your pattern, PIN or passcode lock.
  3. 3. Back-To-Back Tap – Get your friends in on the action: tap your phones back-to-back to share contact info, maps, pictures and apps recommendations with a link to the Android Market.
  4. 4. Panorama Camera – In Ice Cream Sandwich, the camera is much improved. Aside from the new, guided panorama mode that leads you through snapping 270-degree panoramic photos, hit the Camera icon and immediately frame and snap your shot. Tap to focus or zoom in using the slider bar.
  5. 5. Touch Points – Ice Cream Sandwich integrates what used to be buttons into the OS. Across the bottom of the screen you’ll find back, home and multi-tasking soft buttons… unless they’re not needed, in which case you can reclaim that screen real estate.
  6. 6. HD In Your Pocket – Not two years ago we were shopping for 720p HDTVs. Now, 720p is available in your pocket. Here, HD videos look sharp on the 1280 X 720 HD, 316-pixel-per-inch, Super AMOLED screen.
  7. 7. Ready-Set-Go! – On your previous Android device, go to Settings > Privacy and check off “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore” before making the Ice Cream Sandwich switch. Log in on your new phone and all your Wi-Fi access points, apps and preference settings will be waiting for you on your new Nexus.
  8. 8. Get To The Point – No need to dig into menus to turn on or set up Wi-Fi, check your battery, change display, storage or app settings. Just drag down the notification bar and tap the Settings icon to get straight to the point.
  9. 9. Avoid Drain Pain – Unlike most mobile devices, the Galaxy Nexus is powered by a user-replaceable battery. Pack a spare so you never run out when you need power most.
  10. 10. Data Drilldown – In the Settings menu, see exactly how much data you’ve used and how much each app demands. Easily check for and kill data-hogging apps and never again go over your monthly data allotment.

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