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Motorola’s latest flagship phone, the 4.7-inch RAZR HD LTE, has officially landed at Rogers. Packing category-leading battery performance and slimness, it’s a marathon runner that can keep up with you all day and all night while earning a few envious looks from friends and strangers in the process. Here are 4 reasons why road warriors and chic geeks alike should consider making the RAZR HD LTE their next handset:

Extreme battery
Your days aren’t getting any shorter. That’s why Motorola tucked in a powerful 2530 mAh battery capable of providing up to all-day performance. That means no more dead battery icons interrupting your movie watching on the train ride home from work.

Severely slender
Imagine a mere 8.4 millimetres of girth. The RAZR HD LTE is the skinniest 4.7” smartphone available. You can slip it into your pant pocket or just leave it on the table so your friends can marvel at its seductively svelte, Kevlar-infused case.

Maximum imagery
With 4.7 inches of high-definition real estate, the RAZR HD LTE’s Super AMOLED screen is ideal for everything from movies and games to web surfing and touch typing. It may make you may reconsider lugging around your tablet.

Ultimate speed
The combination of Rogers’ 4G LTE network and Google’s bullet-like Chrome browser creates a platform ideal for Internet escapades. Searches return results with lightning haste, and sites load like you’re sitting at the desktop in your den.

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