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Sony’s new super-chic Xperia ZL is an amalgamation of the Japanese company’s expertise across all of its major consumer electronics divisions. Bravia TV image processing? Check. Sony Exmor RS digital photography? You bet. PlayStation certification? Of course. Instant one-touch connectivity with a broad range of peripherals? Gotcha. If Sony’s your brand, this is your phone.


1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor
That means: Amazing multitasking and lightning- quick game performance.

LTE 4G Connectivity
That means: Crazy-fast down- loads. Stream video and snatch big files from the cloud without worry.

4.1 Android OS (Jelly Bean)
That means: Runs Google’s greatest operating system out of the box.

ONE Account
That means: One login gives you access to Sony-exclusive movies, music, games and apps.


Elegance Redefined
Thanks to a front side that’s pretty much nothing but display, the Xperia ZL is surprisingly small for a five-inch phone. An aluminum power button and seductively rounded edges help foster a sophisticated look and feel.

HD In Your Hand
With a crystal-clear 1080p screen (443 pixels per inch), the Xperia ZL begs to be used for pictures, movies and games. Plus, Sony Mobile Bravia Engine 2 means the image adapts intelligently according to content type.

Pictures That Pack Punch
Thirteen megapixels of Exmor RS image sensor power results in deeply detailed photographs. It’s also the first smartphone to facilitate HDR video, which delivers vast improvements in exposure and lighting.

One-Touch Away
The future is here. Just tap the Xperia ZL against supported speakers, hard drives, TV remotes or phones to instantly connect, back up, mirror or share content. It’s basically magic.

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