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The New iPad

Apple’s iPad, the clear leader of the tabs, just released its newest version and, in keeping with its cutting-edge capabilities, it supports LTE. Here are some feature of the new iPad that are blown out of the water with LTE.

Unique Feature: The retina display is so crisp, so clear, that you won’t be able to detect a single pixel. Clarity is four times as good as the previous iPad, including 44 percent greater colour saturation.

Why it’s better with LTE – Access your online HD photo galleries, enjoy stutter-free videos on Rogers Anyplace TV and out-of-control clear and bufferless gaming.


HTC Jetstream LTE Tablet

With support for a unique digital pen (great for sketching and taking notes) and premium features, this Android tablet accelerates your creativity

Unique Feature: The HTC Scribe digital pen lets you sketch out ideas, edit photos, draw and paint and more, blending an old-school tool with the latest technology.

Why it’s better with LTE - Publish your creations, high resolution photos and videos online instantly with LTE connectivity. And the large screen is awesome for watching shows and movies on


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE

Super powerful and super slim, this Android-running tablet is one media marvel you’ll take everywhere

Unique Feature: This powerhouse, with a comfortable 8.9-inch HD display, is only 8.6mm thin and 1 lb (453g). Ideal as an e-reader, but you also amp up your productivity, functions and fun with more than 450,000 Android apps to choose from.

Why it’s better with LTE - Email, download, post, tweet, stream, surf, video chat – the super-portability of this tablet is a natural fit with LTE connectivity, allowing you to carry and connect anywhere, fast.

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