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Rogers LTE Rocket™ Stick & Mobile Hotspot options:

LTE Rocket Stick

LTE Rocket Stick – If you use a laptop, chances are you want to move with it – and not just from room to room. Now you can enjoy LTE connectivity when you take our laptop with you around town and on the road.

The specs: It’s small enough to fit in your hand and transferable between laptops (PC or MAC). Just plug it into your laptop’s USB port and you’ll be connected in a matter of clicks.

Unique feature: The sleek, yet sturdy design is hinged, so you can keep the LTE Rocket stick tight against your laptop.

LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot

LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot - Create a password-protected hotspot for up to 10 Wi-Fi devices to share at the speed of LTE, including laptops, tablets, e-readers, gaming or music players, cameras, printers and more.

The specs: With the LTE Rocket mobile hotspot – about the size of a deck of cards – just power on and you’ve created your own secure hotspot to share with friends or colleagues.

Unique feature: There’s no software to install. The device’s LCD screen will display the ID and password, and the number of users connected.

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