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Photography by Greg Hall

You might as well call LG’s new Optimus G 2600 the Superman phone. The first LTE handset in Canada enabled for 2600 MHz connectivity, it’s literally faster than a speeding bullet. It’s also the first phone north of the border to sport Qualcomm’s 1.5-GHz quad-core processor, making it more powerful than a locomotive (figuratively, anyway). Granted, it can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but if you happen to see someone perform such a feat, you can use the Optimus G’s 8-megapixel camera to capture a picture, then scrawl a note on it with your finger using QMemo (“OMG! This just happened!”). And all this superior tech is tucked away in a classy, handsome black suit, fit for, say, a mild-mannered reporter. It’s a superhero in your pocket. What more do you want?

THE LG Optimus G 2600 At A Glance

Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
That means: A more consistent look and feel than previous Android iterations and features such as voice-to-text.

Camera: 8-megapixel shooter
That means: Enough visual information to generate a gorgeous 8×12-inch print at a resolution of 250 dpi.

Display: In-plane switching
That means: Two transistors for each pixel, resulting in amazing viewing angles and colour reproduction.

Processor: Quad-core
That means: Four synced brains for effortless multi-tasking.

Connectivity: 4G LTE
That means: Incredibly quick network speeds for streaming and file downloads.*

Memory: 32 GB
That means: Loads of room for apps to store temporary data, so that your games and videos don’t stutter.

*Visit for full details

The new standard for digital living:

The Optimus G 2600 is primed to make the most of DLNA, the Digital Living Network Alliance standard for device interaction that lets you connect with computers and home theatre equipment (like smart TVs) to play videos, listen to music or view photos without worrying about connection procedures or compatibility. Put simply: it fits into your digital lifestyle rather than changing it.

Screaming streaming:

As the first phone in Canada capable of taking advantage of the blazing-fast 2600 MHz band on the Rogers 4G LTE network, the Optimus G 2600 is a master downloader. You’ll notice quicker speeds and better performance when you’re connected, whether you’re loading pages from the web, downloading apps from Google Play, or streaming TV shows. No phone grabs content from the ether faster.

Rocket powered:

The Optimus G 2600’s wildly powerful quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor is the fastest CPU you can find in a phone. This means better multi-tasking, so you can switch between movies, email and web browsing with the same speed and flexibility as your home computer. It also means killer game performance, so feel free to boot up and max out N.O.V.A. 3.

The window to your digital world:

With its 4.7-inch True HD IPS screen, the Optimus G 2600 makes for an intimidating contender in any display duel. A stunning resolution of 1280×768 means you see pictures instead of pixels. Still images and videos leap from the screen with dazzling colours and deep contrast while wide viewing angles let you gather plenty of pals around for the show.

Catnip for note-takers:

How many times have you wanted to quickly scribble a note while engaged in another app? LG’s QMemo lets you jot down words and pictures with your finger on any screen, so you need never worry about carrying a pen and paper. It’s just the thing for those times you need to remember a number while chatting with a friend or jot down an idea before it

Best for:

There are few things you spend more time with than your phone, so it’s important to pick the right one. LG’s powerful and versatile handset is a fine fit for almost anyone, but, like old grandmas, we love to play matchmaker. Here are four groups we think would be on cloud nine with an Optimus G 2600 in their palms.

Speed freaks
Miserable when your coffee isn’t ready by the time you walk to the end of the barista’s counter? Then the 2600 MHz–enabled 4G LTE Optimus G is for you. Downloads are so fast it’s like web pages and videos were there all along.

Voracious gamers
Frame-rate dips are for suckers. You demand realtime graphical rendering that cascades over your eyes in perfect detail. The Optimus G 2600’s four-core processor keeps the frames flowing while its gorgeous 4.7-inch True HD screen makes each image dreamy.

Creative thinkers
You’re the kind of person who likes to doodle and jot ideas on whatever happens to be close at hand, including notebooks, napkins, envelopes, and now your phone. With the Optimus G 2600’s QMemo feature, your ability to scribble down notes and drawings expands to any time, anywhere.

Mean multi-taskers
You can’t not be doing something. In fact, you can’t not be doing three things. Luckily for you, the Optimus G 2600 helps enable this disorder – er, we mean talent – by ensuring you have the ability to effortlessly move between multiple productivity and entertainment apps without losing a beat.

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