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Apple’s introduction of a sleeker, less-expensive iPad last year created a hand-wringing dilemma: Is it smarter to go small, or is bigger really better? Not to fret; these are good problems to have, after all.

Starting at $459, the iPad Mini with Wi-Fi and cellular is noticeably less expensive than the full-sized Retina-display iPads (with the same connectivity features) that range from $629 to $929. And yet, the Mini runs the same OS and is capable of doing just about everything its big brother can. If cost matters most, your decision may already be clear. Go Mini.

Keep in mind, too, that you’ll have the added perk of a wafer-thin, lightweight device. At just 308 grams and measuring 7.2 mm from front to back, the iPad Mini is less than half the weight of a Retina-display iPad, and 23% thinner, as well.

But let’s assume cost isn’t your top concern, and you don’t intend to lug your tablet around everywhere you go. If this sounds like you, then an iPad with a Retina display offers a noticeably richer experience. The bigger, denser LED screen of the iPad has four times the pixels of the iPad Mini and is powered by a more robust processor, equipped with quad-core graphics. That means movies and high-resolution pictures look much sharper, and resource-intensive apps – especially games – run more smoothly.

The larger display on the iPad also makes touchscreen typing more comfortable, and makes it easier for more than one person to view the screen at the same time.

Still undecided? Here’s another way to help you choose:

The iPad Mini is best for…

Backpackers, commuters, ebook lovers or otherwise on-the-go types on a tight budget.

The iPad with Retina display is best for…

Movie buffs, gamers or those planning on having an iPad double as a productivity machine. If you’ve got the cash, consider some flash.

Tech-Spec Showdown: iPad vs. iPad Mini

iPad Mini:

Display: 7.9-inches LED, 1024×768 resolution (163 ppi)

Dimensions: Height: 200 mm, Width: 135 mm, Depth: 7.2 mm

Weight: 308 grams

Processor: Dual-core A5


Display: 9.7-inch LED, 2048×1536 resolution (264 ppi)

Dimensions: Height: 241 mm, Width: 185 mm, Depth: 9.4 mm

Weight: 652 grams

Processor: Dual-core A6X with quad-core graphics

Ready to buy?

Here’s why Rogers is your best bet for purchasing an iPad

• Browse the internet or stream videos on the go, without lag and buffering, on Rogers LTE, offering the fastest speeds in more places. That means you can stay connected on the go – access email, search the Web, post status updates to social media or share photos and more.

• Share your wireless internet between your iPad and iPhone with Rogers Share Ready Access plan, or choose the Flex Rate plan that automatically adjusts to your changing needs – both with no term commitment and no activation fees*.

• Need flexibility? Need more data? No problem! With Rogers Smartphone Freedom Advantage, you can change your plan at any time – for free.

• Take advantage of free apps exclusive to Rogers customers, such as Rogers One Number (to talk and text from your iPad using your smartphone number) and Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition (to control your TV remotely and watch live content, anytime, anyplace).

(*Activation fee waived on activations prior to June 30, 2013.)

Add to your iPad Mini or iPad!

iPad Mini

Moshi iVisor XT Screen Protector (Black/White; $34.99)

A crystal-clear, lightweight screen shield capable of weathering the worst screen-related mishaps while maintaining terrific touch sensitivity.

iSkin Solo FX (Multiple colours; $39.99)

Thin, light and tough, this stylish skin keeps your slate on the right side of portable while delivering reliable protection from minor collisions and short drops.


Griffin PowerBlock with Detachable Lightning Cable ($34.99)

An energy-saving smart charger light enough to be tossed into a bag and toted around town.

Incase Book Jacket Select (Black/Pink; $59.99)

This luxury case provides excellent protection from scrapes and tumbles, while doubling as a clever three-tier stand for desk, counter, and table viewing.

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